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    Working on the Wiki.

    October 14, 2015 by LegoMaster2149

    Ok, I know it is only me and AgentMuffin working on the wiki here, but I feel like im doing all the work most of the time and that AgentMuffin isn't helping me much (no offense there.) Anyways, I am the one who puts up all of the templates on the pages, and it takes about 10-15 minutes maybe to do it because of research and things like that.

    Now I bet you are thinking that AgentMuffin might be helping me too and that I shouldn't bother at all. But I feel like he should help as much as I do, so that way the wiki might get better much faster and better. Thanks for reading this blog post, and that is all I need to talk about.

    -LegoMaster2149 (Posted on October 14, 2015)

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